Data availability across the oncology care continuum

OncoNext’s mission is to improve oncology care for all cancer patients through consistent, structured data registration and the availability of this information. The right information in the right place at the right time.

Data availability critical to care

Data availability, previously often referred to as digital exchange, is a very pressing issue in (oncological) care.

OncoNext connects stakeholders and initiatives

Data availability in healthcare is not progressing well in the Netherlands. OncoNext wants to break through that impasse! With the support of KWF (the Dutch Cancer Society), OncoNext connects relevant parties and initiatives related to data availability in oncological care. We build support and commitment, jointly prioritize, and develop a national implementation plan together.

Do you see opportunities to join forces? We would like to hear from you! Contact project leader Eefje van Kessel and/or facilitator Carolien Bouma at

Impact through generic solutions

OncoNext focuses on achievable goals with a significant expected impact. We start with the biggest obstacles in the care process. We do this for 3 tumor types: breast cancer, colorectal cancer, and head and neck cancer. During the facilitator year, we identify and/or develop solutions to these barriers and test them in pilot implementations.

OncoNext explicitly aims for generic solutions that can be used across the entire spectrum of (oncological) care with minimal adaptation. With the pilot implementations for the first three tumor types, we prove that it is possible and that it works.

National implementation program

After this thorough preparation and testing, the intention is for OncoNext to move into a large-scale national implementation program. We are also seeking funding for this in the facilitator year.

Current partners